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The Testimonial of Janet Ziegler


Last year I participated with the Mustard Seed Farm Mission Trip to the Glenmary Volunteer program on Toppa Joppa in Grainger County Tennessee. While I had participated in one other mission trip,  I was unsure how the week would go, what we would be asked to do and how I would manage it all.


My apprehension quickly dissipated -- I was surrounded by really good people! The work was at a skill and physical level appropriate for me. Among other things, we distributed groceries at a local food pantry, we did some painting, we helped build a deck for a local family and we delivered fire wood. Serving the community and meeting so many local families was very rewarding and growthful.


While we worked hard, we also found time to relax in the evening - some evenings on our own around a camp fire and some evenings with local families. Overall, the week was a great blend of prayer, work and relaxing in a beautiful mountain setting.


I am looking forward to the trip this year's trip!

The Testimonial of Bill Peterson

I was invited to go to Rutledge, TN with the Mustard Seed group. At first I didn't feel as though I had the time but after some thought I decided "Why not?" It was a wonderful experience working with new people to help others. It meant a lot to those we helped and they were very grateful. At the end of the trip I felt changed and recharged! I had a great experience and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunity of mission work with the Mustard Seed.

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